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WIJ Special Media

Data-georiënteerd mediabedrijf gericht op aanstaande en jonge gezinnen

WIJ Special Media

Bekend van de blije doos

WIJ Special Media

Audiences voor social advertising, mailings, list rental, bestandsverrijking en leadgeneration

WIJ Special Media

Wij werken voor toonaangevende klanten

WIJ Special Media has a modern and extensive media portfolio and focuses on expecting parents and parents with young children up to the age of 12. (Custom) audiences are created based on the database to support mail campaigns, social advertising, list rental, lead generation and file enrichment to reach the target group at the right moment and through the most successful channel.

Market leader with more than 80% of the addresses of the target group.

Our database contains the personal details of more than 80% of all pregnant women in the Netherlands who have registered themselves for the gift package of WIJ. Our database makes WIJ Special Media market leader in the market of parents with young children. One of the reasons why pregnant women provide WIJ Special Media with their personal details is because they wish to receive de blije doos (the Happy Box).

After they have received the box, during the rest of the pregnancy, and after the baby has been born, WIJ Special Media compiles a balanced media portfolio to keep the target group engaged with the WIJ brand, like, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, various newsletters and WIJ magazine. Our media outlets belong to the most valued media on the baby market (the Happy Box scored 8.4/10) and offer various opportunities for content cooperation and partnerships.

WIJ Special Media is 100% part of Moeder en Kind BV. Moeder en Kind B.V. uses all Prénatal brands as a licensee of PRG S.p.A.

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