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THE HAPPY BOX (de blije doos)

The Happy Box is A FREE sampling package with useful and relevant products and information for all pregnant women in the Netherlands.
98,1% of all pregnant women who pick up the Happy Box recommend it to other pregnant women. And 97,2% would sign up for the Happy Box if getting pregnant again. The Happy Box has been awarded with a 8,3/10 which is the highest mark of all the different boxes in the Netherlands. (Source: The Happy Box survey, July 2017)

Target group: Women who are at least 13 weeks pregnant
Annual circulation: Approx. 132,000 boxes per year

Distribution: Controlled circulation via de Prénatal shops

  • Participation: 12 months. A test period of three months is also possible.
  • Rates and delivery specifications available on demand.
  • Aanleverspecificaties zijn op aanvraag beschikbaar.
  • Delivery specifications available on demand.
  • National participation only.

de cadeaubox

De WIJ Cadeaubox is een box vol nuttige en leuke producten voor moeder en kind. WIJ Cadeaubox is 2x per jaar te bestellen. De communicatie over de WIJ Cadeaubox verloopt via de media van WIJ. Hierdoor is het bereik groot onder zwangere vrouwen en moeders met een kind van 0 tot 1 jaar.

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