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WIJ is an informative magazine for (expecting) parents about various aspects of the pregnancy, the delivery and the baby. Lots of experiences are shared by other (expecting) mothers, there are interesting interviews, columns and practical information.

Readers have awarded the magazine with an 8.0/10. 20.2% assesses the WIJ Magazine as very good and 61.3% as good. The average time spent reading the magazine is 53 minutes. The readers think WIJ magazine is friendly, accessible, recognizable, contemporary and honest. 33.7% reads the WIJ Magazine completely and 49.3% reads most of the WIJ Magazine. Source: Reader survey December 2021.

Target group: pregnant women and mothers with a child between the ages of 0 to 12 months.
Circulation: 150,000 copies
Frequency: 4x per year
Distribution: Controlled circulation

Total number of distributed copies magazine WIJ: 140,897 (average circulation figures Q1 2023 up until Q4 2023). See also

Cover PM-A 2023


The first time a pregnant women receives the WIJ magazine, she also receives
the Prénatal magazine which informs and inspires her about all products that must be purchased before the baby is born.

Target group: women in their first half of the pregnancy
Circulation: 65,000 copies (84 pages)
Frequency: 2x per year (edition A and B)
Distribution: Controlled circulation (together with WIJ magazine)

Zwanger! (Pregnant!)

The year special Pregnant! (Zwanger!) provides pregnant women with much needed information. A pregnancy causes so many physical changes as well as new emotions. Pregnant! acknowledges these changes and informs women about different aspects of the pregnancy.

Target group: Women in the first months of pregnancy
Circulation: 100,000 copies
Frequency: 1x per year


  • Free via midwives (approx. 70,000 copies.)
  • Free via Moeders voor Moeders (Mothers for Mothers) (approx. 30,000 copies.)

Printing on demand

Personalised brochure by means of Print on Demand
The 4-page brochure is included with the WIJ magazine. The brochure is tailor made for the consumer, based on postal code, phase of the pregnancy, age of the child(ren), etc.

Choice of selection data:

  • Advertising in a selected area (desired postal codes)
  • Advertising at the right moment (Phase of pregnancy/age of child(ren)
  • Relevant message (first pregnancy/subsequent pregnancies)

Personalized brochures do not only address the recipient personally, but also offer relevant content.